new vegan-friendly burgers

To extend our vegan-friendly range, we are launching a bespoke Vegan Menu with 6 brand-new dishes! 

We are proud to be launching 4 delicious new vegan-friendly burgers, - The Pretender, Bananadrama, The Black-Eyed Chickpeas, and Guac N Roll -  plus 2 awesome fully-loaded sides, introducing exciting & trendy new flavours to SOUND, such as BBQ jackfruit and banana blossom.

The menu also features a selection of other vegan-friendly dishes from our core SOUND Cafe menu, such as beers and ice cream, to help that all-important up-sell into a full vegan-friendly 3-course meal. The menu is a small square hand-out which should be given to every table to promote the new dishes.

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